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, poetry and literature. it's the pantheon, the greatest american authors, saul bellow, john updike so it's a pretty good big deal to win this award. >> this began 63 years ago? do you know the history when it began or why it began? >> m it was a group of people who are interested in making sure that great looks have the greatest possible impact on the culture and that is still our mission now. the first winner was the man with the golden arm which was later made into a film starring frank sinatra. >> mr. steinberger recently "the new york times" there was an article about the national book awards and some of the changes that you as chairman and your team are trying to implement. what are some of those changes? >> part of it was trying to make towards as exciting as possible. we have red carpet back here in an after party at you can believe it and a dj and actually a wait list for the after party which is a homely thing. it is really about trying to increase the impact of great books on the culture and we couldn't be more excited. >> can any book been nominated in those four categories? >
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1